THE Force and THE Port

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Following the latest discovery at CERN of the Force, find more details here, THE Port is demonstrating a first innovative application of an infinitely extendable tent pole. “It makes tent transportations and installation much easier and solves at the same time the illumination issue. A very important improvement especially for emergency tent camps”, says Ines Knäpper, President of THE Port hackathon at CERN. Up to now prototypes of green and blue tent poles have been successfully demonstrated. They all share the same issue that their illumination function can be dimmed, but not yet fully switched off. “A minor problem that we will fix in the next version”, ensures project lead developer Hugo Day, “But first we need also to get the infinitely extendable tent tarpaulin prototype working to have the full tent concept demonstrated”. All fears our developers had that the pole could cause damage were for no reason, “but it feels a little greasy when you touch it”, says event co-ordinator Iulia Pascu. More applications are already in the pipeline. If you have a good idea: Inspire us at and you find further technical details here.