Pier42 – TEAM Blindstore

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Topic A private information retrieval data store Blindstore provides an online lookup service which returns the correct answer without ever knowing what the question was. The protocol guarantees that the server can’t know which record the client requested. The client still only receives the record they requested. Team Andrea Ieri (IT) Christophe Sahut (FR) Daniele Raffo (IT) Ferdinando Buscema (IT) ...

Pier83 – TEAM SmartDog

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Topic Tracking and demarcation system for dogs in rescue and de-mining operations One of the most sensitive methods to locate land mines uses special trained search dogs. A few molecules of the explosive itself can be detected by a trained dog’s nose, which makes this method independent of the mine housing many other measurements are based on. A tracking and ...

PierX1 – TEAM Muons

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Topic Portable cosmic ray detector with grid analysis We produced a cheap and simple detector for cosmic rays, based on the Raspberry Pi computer platform. The detector is based on a plastic scintillator and Silicon photomultiplier tube combination, connected to a custom PCB combining all the necessary electronics functions (power supply, input stage, amplification, pulse shaping, trigger and an analogue ...