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Hello, World! A New Community is Born

For 2015, we imagined a fresh start for THE Port, and we want you to be part of it. You will find an updated website, a regular newsletter, and…a whole new community!
We heard you saying that THE Port is – it is a life experience, and we want this to be true. The hackathon is just the beginning to lifelong enriching exchanges. It builds bridges across disciplines and people. It is the voice of innovation…and thrives on networks! That’s the reason why you are receiving …Keep up with what’s hot, and share your updates with THE Port Community. As former participants, mentors, and experts, you were able to make outstanding contributions to your fields with your joint team work and personal expertise. Imagine how great would be to keep the ball rolling! THE Port is therefore proud to launch the first THE Port which will take place in Geneva (CH) on Thursday 2015 Lady Godiva’s pub | 8pm. Save the date in your agendas, we look forward to see you soon!

THE Port hackathon is back in 2015

This year, we set for another adventure…and will get which deserve to enter the next THE Port Hackathon this Fall 2015!! More laboratories, participants, spaces and equipment…Remember, “endless imagination is the limit”! We are ready, and you? Stay logged in for more details in the next newsletter.

So, We heard you liked THE Port Hackathon….Become an Ambassador!

As THE Port Hackathon Ambassador, you will be our voice in the world. Spread the good news, and share THE Port incredible stories with other amazing people, open the path to other enterprising youth by telling your hackathon story! Ambassadors are officially members of THE Port network.

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Short News

An incredible year 2014 lies behind us – we tried to summarise the highlight in our yearly report published on the 28.01.2015. Report.

Amanda Tretter composed and edited this excellent video with interviews with many of you and it was published on the 08.01.2015. Video.

Happy New Year 2015. Sharing good memories of the 2014 edition in a video published on the 01.01.2015. Video.

At the 31st Chaos Communication Congress (31C3) in Hamburg on the 29.12.2014, Benjamin presented Blindstore. Slides and Video.

Bane was presenting THE Port hackathon at the 31st Chaos Communication Congress (31C3) in Hamburg on the 29.12.2014. Slides and Video.

The CERN IdeaSquare was officially inaugurated on the 09.12.2014. Article and Photos.

Have a look behind the scenes of THE Port hackathon: Interview with some organisers at EvaGeneva.com on the 18.12.2014. Article.

Iulia was discussing ‘Co-Creation in the Innovation Ecosystem’ at ITU Telecom World 2014 in Doha on the 08.12.2014. Session and Photos.

Do you want to keep us updated on your topic? Send your story and share the progress with THE Port community!

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